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History and Activities of Tidor BV

Tidor is already more than 19 years a leading provider in the field of artists materials and publisher of books and reference works. ... was founded in January 2003 with the aim of:

Wholesale and retail trade in materials, furniture, graphic and painters-Drawing Room supplies, school materials, books, equipment and components for the art trade, gallery and museums, as well as organizing courses and the exploit of an art-gallery and the writing and publishing (Publisher) of books and reference works.

Our main customer base consists of museums, galleries, writers, artist, Government and semi-government and foundations.

The beginning of 2012, the company reorganized, have statutes changes occurred and is built the website again.

The new name is Tidor, both Tidor If Tidore are trade names used.

The origin of the name  Tidor(e) BV?

Built: The VOC ship Tidore was built in 1668 for the Chamber of the provinc Zeeland in the city Middelburg on the VOC-yard
Used: in use by the VOC from 1670 until 27/09/1683 (WRECKED at, island Ameland)
Length: 160 foot
Width: 38 foot
Cavity: 18 foot
Payload: 1094 ton
Cew: 200-350 head-count
The departed on 27 February 1683 TIDORE from Batavia under the leadership of Jacob leg. The Cape of good hope has not done. The TIDORE fared on september 27, 1683 at island Ameland. The ship seems to have been only in Batavia (see  VOC site)). This ship is so far little known, if you know more about this, then all info welcome.

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